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Support Information

At Continuity Assured we believe that support is an all encompassing activity and a million miles away from simple maintenance.

The key reason for this is because to truly support a client we believe that we need to take ownership of issues and chase through all elements of the solution. To you, the client, the issue that you report should then be managed by just one contact – us. We have national coverage for all of the products and services we supply and have dedicated team of specialists whose sole purpose is to respond quickly and efficiently. Our support agreements come in two flavours:

Standard Cover

This is ideal for most organisations, as it provides the security of knowing you can contact us during normal business hours and get a response within times laid out in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Terms and Conditions of System Support

Click HERE to download our full terms and conditions of Maintenance Cover


For those clients who work extended hours or who can’t wait until the morning for a fault that occurs in the evening, we have CustomCare. Unlike most 24/7 contracts which are 3-5 times the cost of “Standard” cover, CustomCare is just a little more. What you then get is the ability to phone up 24/7 and if you decide to call out an engineer you pay a reasonable hourly rate. This has two main benefits:

  • You only pay if you need it
  • You can decide how much you need to sort it before morning

Contacting us

The best way to get support is to freephone us on 08008 40 41 42 option 1 – This number is manned 24/7
You can also e-mail support@continuityassured.co.uk for non-urgent issues.