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Homeworking – Making the best of the hand you are dealt

Millions of person-days are lost every year to such events and this could all be avoided with a simple homeworker strategy

It is always either snowing, flooding or a shortage of Petrol that makes the commute to work such a wasteful activity both in terms of resources and time. And this always assumes that your most valuable asset (your staff by the way) makes it in at all.

Enabling Homeworking

It used to be that Homeworking was the preserve of large corporates with more money than sense. Continuity Assured has invested in the infrastructure and facilities to change all of that, with Homeworking being brought firmly in to the SME domain. Not only have we thought about remote access to data and backing up their work, but we have also set up systems for that your home users can have callsĀ  delivered to them, WHEREVER they are, be it at home, on the mobile or even overseas.

As an organisation this frees up previously unavailable resources such as reluctant commuters or staff with flexible working requirements

The employees benefit from more flexibility and better working conditions.

But surely homeworking is a skivers charter?

As with any powerful tool, if homeworking is not monitored and managed, there is a danger of abuse, but Continuity Assured have put in place systems to both manage and comprehensively report on the homeworkers activity. You, as the client, also have the ability to record all calls to or from the employee, to provide that extra confidence of having a complete record.

So what are the benefits to my business?

In short:

  • More calls answered more quickly
  • More rostering flexibility – you will be better able to cope with seasonal and daily variences
  • Lower employment costs – No desk, no heating and no office space
  • You benefit form enhanced organisational flexibility – you are able to ‘push’ resource where you need it most.

In short, everyone wins including clients who get better service levels

So what is the Cost?

All of the above can be achieved with NO CAPITAL COST. That has to be worth investigating. Call us on 08008 40 41 42 for an exploratory chat.