A disaster recovery plan for every pocket

Our Disaster Recovery Plans

Your Disaster Recovery Plan starts here – Continuity Assured LIFE LINES

Continuity Assured Life Lines are the foundations of your disaster recovery (D.R.) strategy. No Disaster Recovery Plan would work without them.

With support 24/7/365 being only 1 free telephone call away, you get the best possible cover ensuring your essential communications with the outside world are maintained. We establish your pre-defined disaster recovery plan which can be activated immediately and implemented within hours.

Your organisation can then rest assured that a disaster need not permanently damage your business

  • Free 08xx or 03xx number with every CALL line purchased
  • Free to call 24/7/365 support desk where you speak to a UK based, real person
  • BT Standard Response times cut in half!
  • Redirected calls 80% cheaper that BT’s standard business tariff
  • Unlimited FREE local and national calls on CALL lines
  • Plans starting from £29.99 per month

Continuity Assured – 1st CONTACT

1st Contact is a highly featured and powerful product that enhances your Continuity Assured Life Lines .

We have “state of the art” UK based call centres staffed by highly trained specialists so that we respond when you can’t. In times of disaster we ensure that your customer service levels rise “phoenix like” out of the ashes. This is achieved within minutes of your call to activate your per-defined and tested Disaster Recovery Plan.

With CALL 1st we also build your Disaster Recovery plan to be Pro-active. Our team are able to make outbound calls to notify clients & employees of the revised contact status you are experiencing. We can even do telemarketing for you!

All CALL 1st activity is to a per-defined Disaster Recovery plan and is transparent to your clients. The service can be upgraded from the standard office hours cover to 24/7 if appropriate.

Finally… when the dust settles we hand back your clients with your reputation intact. We act as your receptionists.

  • Taking messages which we either then deliver by e-mail or SMS
  • Transferring incoming calls announced or otherwise
  • Proactively advising your staff and clients of your situation
  • Plans starting from £24.99 per month

Continuity Assured – RESPONDER

CALL Responder is an always on and Ultra-reliable method of providing your clients with a simple way of choosing the best path for their call. With Menus, announcements and message taking facilities all configured to meet your requirements CALL Responder is the ideal tool for providing cost effective management of customer service at times of business distress.

You can choose to further enhance your Disaster Recovery Plan with the ability to hold your calls in order, share them across multiple sites or even answer your faxes and send them on in an e-mail. In a similar way you can even record calls and have them delivers by e-mail as well. office hours cover to 24/7 if appropriate

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Message Taking (to be delivered by e-mail)
  • Bespoke Announcements
  • Optional Enhanced Features
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Share – The ability to share calls across several sites or departments
  • Fax 2 E-mail conversion
  • Call recording with e-mail delivery
  • Plans starting from £9.99 Per Month

Continuity Assured – VOICE HOST

A replacement telephone system with you on site, installed & working in hours.

Telephones are not an option. We understand that the effects of a disaster continue long after the fire engines have gone. The vast majority of customers clearly express that speaking to you is their preferred method of communication.

CALL Voice Host delivers a feature rich voice platform to your nominated location along with an expert engineer to ensure you are again answering your customer’s call within hours. CALL Voice Host is a powerful, flexible and proven IP based system that is location independent and resilient.

To benefit from the power of CALL Voice Host all you need is one call to our 24/7 Freephone number and your pre-defined disaster recovery plan is activated. This allows you to deal with other pressing matters, while your vitally important communications are in our safe hands.

  • Invoke your pre-defined plan by one Free to call to our 24/7/365 support desk where you speak to a UK based, real person
  • Fully featured telephones dispatched to your site within 4 hours
  • New telephone lines and numbers ready and waiting
  • An expert engineer on site to set up and configure
  • Includes 1st CONTACT as standard
  • Can be left in place for as long as you require
  • Plans starting from £74.99 Per Month
Disaster Recovery Plan Building Blocks