we can prevent you ending up the proverbial creek

Disaster Recovery

Upto 60% of Businesses* don’t survive a disaster

A Major disaster doesn’t just cause disruption. It severs the connection with your clients and damages your brand. While you can quantify rebuilding costs or production delays, what price is a client base that moves to your competitor or a support client who suffers and bears a grudge.

If you are lucky, it will be a massive problem; if you are not, it could be terminal for your business…

…but with good planning and support, your communications could be secure and re-established within hours.

*Source D&B 2010

Disaster Recovery – Making Affordable Plans

Disaster Recover - Business ResilienceOf course everyone knows that Disaster Recovery planning is a good idea, but in reality most companies find the Process prohibitively expensive.

CONTINUITY ASSURED is different – We make plans for Real Companies at Realistic Prices.

We do not impose huge setup costs; you simply Pay-as-you-go, with Plans to suit any organisation, Small or Large.

Building anything truly resilient requires firm footings and that is why Continuity Assured Life Lines are the foundation blocks of all our Disaster Recovery (D.R) Plans – Its Child’s play.

You simply add modules to suit your business continuity needs and of course your budget. This modular approach means that your personalised Disaster Recovery Plan can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish.


At CONTINUITY ASSURED we believe that a Disaster Recovery plan must be tailored to suit your business…we consult with you to identify the appropriate level of resilience. It’s a simple process that starts with us analysing your business needs.

We have a wide range of tools to place at your disposal. If you experience any of these issues, there need not be despair…you will survive and thrive. See “OUR PLANS” page for the options available.