Power And Contol

The CONTINUITY ASSURED web billing platform

The CONTINUITY ASSURED web billing platform is a powerful tool to help you contol your costs and manage your business.

CONTINUITY ASSURED web billing platform



Customers can log in to view their invoices, call detail and recurring charges and other ‘live’ data that is in our billing platform. This allows users to analyse telecoms usage quickly and accurately in real time. Users can set up a number of analysis reports online based on a variety of operational criteria. E-Alerts can also be set to trigger a full management by exception feature. Full online help support is available for users.

In detail, the portal also provides you with the following major benefits:

  1. A wide range of reports are available
  2. Full analysis and reporting allows our customers to control costs
  3. Easy analysis of bills – just ‘drill down’ on any part of the bill to give a complete analysis breakdown to individual call level.
  4. Better management reporting – The portal provides a range of standard billing reports to help customers manage their costs effectively. The reports can be produced in pdf, excel or csv formats.
  5. Detailed call analysis – customers can query their calls based on user defined criteria such as cost, duration, number dialled or time of day, to help them spot misuse and trends which in turn can help them to control costs.


Try the CONTINUITY ASSURED web billing platform – it really delivers a powerful set of cost control tools that are easy to use and secure.