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Call-Angels – How to protect and enable your business.


If you’re working hard to build your organisation, the last thing you need to worry about is your telephone infrastructure. But it’s something you absolutely need, to give your customers the right message about what sort of company you are.

So why are you hesitating? Perhaps because you know how difficult, expensive and time-consuming set up and staff training will be.

Not when you use Call Angels.

We’ll design a telephone infrastructure unique to you that guarantees the newest equipment and fully trained call staff, with zero capital investment. A service team that not only answers calls and takes messages, but also processes orders and payments, books appointments, and intelligently handles customer queries. With your call data saved and every conversation recorded, you can simply do what you do best: build a thriving business. All with one, straightforward monthly bill outlining our charges. Call Angels make it easy for you to be successful.

You’re always open for business with Call Angels. Monday to Friday, evenings, on weekends or public holidays, you can rely on us to look after your customers and route their calls to the appropriate destination. Even with teams of workers in different locations, our processing ensures that your vital business calls get through to just the right person.

Use Call Angels and take control. You can change your preferences and settings 24/7, analyse your call data and retrieve recordings through PCs or smartphones. We’ll deliver you the perfect package, keeping line rental, call charges and mobile costs to a minimum while guaranteeing a service you and your customers will love.

Be the company you always dreamed of. We’ll help. Using one of the world’s most powerful phone systems, you’ll be professional and reliable, backed up by our measurable, statistics-based personal support. And you won’t have to pay a penny in capital investment or worry about technology just around the corner. Contact Call Angels today. We work hard to make you look good.

Home Workers

Home workers allow you to get more done, for less. Maintaining a standard infrastructure and level of performance can, however, be a huge financial and logistical challenge. It doesn’t have to be. With Call Angels you require zero capital expenditure. What’s more, you can record and monitor staff performance, get valuable, actionable call statistics and separate work from personal calls.

Temporary Applications

Need your telephone number managed short term? No problem. Call Angels will create a solution that requires neither outlay for infrastructure nor lead times. Whether you’re setting up a line for your construction site managers, working on a seasonal basis, or promoting one-off events, you’ll be a part of one of the world’s most powerful phone systems.

Field Workers

Having staff members in various locations can be a logistical nightmare. How do you get messages to them reliably? And how do stakeholders know which number to call? We’ll support you. From teams of salespeople and service providers visiting clients to healthcare and social workers in the field, we have the perfect proposition for you.

Call Angels from Andrew Moody on Vimeo.

A short video explaining Call Angels

Retail Organisations

If you are considering investment in an expensive telephone answering infrastructure, wouldn’t you prefer to access that infrastructure without the expense? And with a guarantee of always having the latest equipment? Perhaps you’re even considering setting up a centralised enquiries line, with numbered options for callers. For unlimited sites, fast implementation times and low monthly rental, contact us today.

Working For You Nationwide

The infrastructure, professionalism and management of a call framework for a fraction of the cost you’d expect. When you use Call Angels we’ll create a national contact number and deliver network queuing options, auto attendant guidance messages, and automated outside hours announcements. 24/7 and completely scalable.

Before you print any business cards…..Before you talk to Yellow Pages….Before you build a new website

Remember…your phone number will be your partner for life.

Whatever your business does to live, thrive and survive the only thing that should NEVER change is the number your customers call you on. You’ll move premises, change branding and employ new people but if you use CALL-ANGELS your contact numbers need never change again.