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Making it easy for Callers

How not to irritate your clients & prospects

Let’s face it; finding and keeping clients is tough…..really tough. Not only do you have to spend large amounts of your marketing budget to find the right person to contact, but then you need to ensure that when you do manage to elicit a call from them, you respond well. There are many frequently made errors that either put off prospects or just plain annoy clients. These include:

  • Too many menus
  • Poor or inconsistent responses at different times of the day
  • Inadequate levels of staffing to cope with the volumes of calls
  • Calls being routed to inappropriate departments or geographical locations

The answer is to apply our industry experience to implement a “client perspective” approach and re-engineer your call handling process. This means for instance that auto-attendant menus are reduced and re-worded to avoid using your language and not the client’s. It is also possible add logic into the process to glean additional information from the caller without needing their input so that, for instance, their calling number gives you a reasonably accurate idea of their geographic location.

We have many examples of how this can work, but one of our clients has achieved outstanding results:

  • Cutting their average wait time for callers in a queue from 45 mins at seasonal peak to under 5 mins
  • Reducing the average number of calls per week by 40%. This was not by driving callers away but by making sure their call was dealt with the first time and hence not needing a repeat call.
  • Customer satisfaction rates have soared


Our experience has been earned in some of the industries best Call Centres but make no mistake; these lessons can be applied to almost any business who wish to please their customers and convert their prospects.

A different perspective on call handling for the SME

We use exclusively 0800 numbers for our clients to call us via. Why? Because, irrespective of cost (and if it is a sales prospect or a support client), we have taken the decision that we need our clients (and even their problems). Therefore we are happy to cover the cost of you calling us. It isn’t however just the cost that we think about. Because ,as a carrier, we have our own number ranges allocated by Ofcom, we also have the ability to apply many VALUE ADD services to our inbound traffic, without capital cost, such as:

  • Recording all calls or just the ones you select
  • Queuing callers at peak times while offering audio messages to help or inform them
  • Routing calls to ANY location according to you staffing plan; Office, Call Centre, Out-of-hours Cover, Remote sites, Mobiles or even Home Workers.
  • Routing your calls according to time/day
  • Whisper Announcing Callers to your staff, so that they know the purpose of the callers call before answering – great for businesses with multiple brands
  • Allowing advanced applications such as ‘time-clock’ logging in and out for field workers.

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