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Protection for your Business

Business Protection – More than ‘just’ Disaster Recovery

Too many business decision makers miss the point of business protection, thinking that it is all about D.R.

It is true that Fire, Flood and Pandemic etc are key business issues and indeed we have a team dedicated to helping businesses formulate and implement their D.R. plans. There is far more to business protection than just coping with the aftermath of disasters including:

  • Planning staffing to ensure that adequate resources are available (AND CONTACTABLE) when clients demand them
  • Ensuring resilience is built into the comms architecture – prevention is far better than a fix. See our Data Protection Section
  • Ensuring your business is not shackled by the technology it buys today, tomorrow
  • Enabling Growth – Homeworking and flexible rostering are the main tools here along with their enablers
  • Building processes and systems that can rapidly adapt to change in capacity or requirement – This is greatly aided by working with cloud based systems such as CALL-ANGELS
  • And last but not least, the process feedback we all need to monitor and change our processes – Reporting and visibility is here and why we place so much emphasis on REPORTING

Remember that there are more threats than just the typical that D.R anticipates; The main killers of business are actually, Cash-flow, Competition, Data Loss and a Failure to Adapt. These are all key areas in which we can help by applying our expertise, system and processes to your business model. Together we can take on anyone!
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