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Communication Advice – Systems & Processes

Telephony Solutions

The way we communicate is changing. We use telephony across the internet, seamlessly integrate mobile communications and work from home. Our customers expect us to be more flexible and responsive than ever before. And we are faced with a fast changing world, with seemingly endless communication options.

The majority of our customers come to us for help in replacing ageing PBX systems. We know how to do this because, unlike so many businesses that profess to be expert in the latest communication technology, we have been a communications provider for many years. We use our experience to determine the right solution for our customers, be it a fully IP solution, a converged (IP PBX) platform or an IP Centrex managed facility.

We have many man years of experience in this SME marketplace, delivering class leading solutions so for unbiased and technically competent advice, talk to us at Continuity Assured.

We will design your communication solution and work with you all the way through to a successful conclusion of the project.

Many of our customers ask us for more than just a well delivered project. They want us to be a strategic partner who can help them create business advantage through innovation. Whether it be assistance in the development of flexible working models or the integration of telephony with business applications, Continuity Assured is your partner of choice. We believe that all our customers are making an investment decision that will improve the way they communicate and make decisions.

To Host or Not to Host

Sometimes it is best to have your systems hosted elsewhere. This can be more manageable and may give added flexibility. Don’t Worry we can host all of our manufacturers platforms to give you that choice. All hosting is done in a secure data centre and we manage your systems for you. Call 08008 40 41 42 for more information.

Or maybe not even have a system at all…..

After all there are may ways to work these days that do not require capital intensive hardware solutions. We have invested heavily in such technologies and we are now able to offer voice and video to our clients from “cloud” providers. In this way you can achieve:

  • More financially sound technology planning
  • More flexibility in deployment – PAYG services
  • Fully fledged homeworking solutions.

Call us for more information.