we know our onions

When we started working in the industry there was no internet and Kevin Keegan was our hero. In short we know our onions.

The Infinite Office

Infinite Talk – The complete voice solution

    The Infinite Office from Continuity Assured is a fully managed and inclusive telephony system that covers ALL of your team no matter where they are.

    Its a really straightforwards proposition – Having staff on a unified communications system is better for you, it’s better for your staff and your customers prefer it:

    1 – You have total cost control as there is only one system to provision and manage – everyone uses the same features in the same way, and they’re available where ever in the world your staff need them.

    2 – Your staff are more productive and happier – less commuting and easier systems for them to work with.

    3 – Your clients notice that the right call gets to the right person first time, more of the time. The resulting improvements in customer service are really noticeable.

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Data Connectivity Solutions

Data Connectivity Solutions

    Data connectivity is no longer ‘just’ about your Inter-net access. As telecommunications evolves and services like ISDN (Digital Phone Lines) receive an end date for use, data connections become far more critical.

    Not only do they carry more services (Web, E-mail, Voice and Applications) but those services are becoming more critical. Imagine not having voice calls for a day or e-malls for a day or two.

    Continuity Assured understands both that such services are critical and that every company needs connectivity that is affordable and reliable. Therefore we supply several types of data connectivity.

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Video Collaboration from Continuity Assured

Video Collaboration from Continuity Assured

    How often do you and your team use videoconferencing to interact with each other or with customers? If your company is like most, the answer is: Not often enough.

    Most businesses of all size are lagging behind in videoconference adoption. While grandparents the world over routinely use video chat to keep in touch with their grandkids, they’re still not using videoconferencing as much as they could be at work. The biggest reason researchers found is that most people’s perception of business videoconferencing is stuck in the past. They think of it as a completely separate animal from Skype or Google Hangouts, lengthy to set up, only available in conference rooms, requiring great formality, and restricted to important events.

    It’s well worth changing those perceptions because once people do start using videoconferencing (and learn that anyone can use it on any device), they not only find that they like it, but also that it’s great for work. Besides reduced travel costs, users reported greater teamwork, improved productivity and faster decision-making. Teams that get accustomed to videoconferencing often start using it all the time, for as much as 90 percent of their communications. Once they see videoconferencing as something anyone can use anytime, formality goes away and it becomes what it should be – a tool that invisibly supports business processes, rather than an end in itself.

    Best of All – Video collaboration is now affordable using VaaS (Video as a Service). This hosted solution allows all of the high ticket functionality at a very low entry price – Just £35 per month…. No – REALLY!

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Continuity Assured Pre-Paid Calls Platform

Pay As You Go for Land Lines and Mobiles – ALL ON ONE ACCOUNT.

    Why have PAYG on a Land Line?

    Since it’s arrival in the market ‘Pay As You Go’ has been adopted by infrequent Mobile phone users to help them manage their call spend. In addition, the users does not need to have a credit agreement with a mobile operator nor do they need a term contract to use a PAYG SIM in a Mobile Phone. At Continuity Assured we believe that there are a lot of advantages to PAYG that could also benefit Land Line users.

    Wiht our Continuity Assured Pre-Paid Calls Platform (PAYG) you get all of the control of PAYG with the features of the most advance voice platforms.

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Continuity Assured Apps

Continuity Assured Apps

    Continuity Assured recognises that all businesses are in some way a little different. While we like using ‘products’, occasionally we need something a little special to cover a process requirement.
    We are in the era of the ‘App’ and, like the adverts says, “There’s an app for that”. We have developed many special applications where ‘off the shelf’ products don’t quite fit. Whether it is a time-logging dial up app for a Domestic Cleaning Company or a PIN Code Validated Dialler application, we are able to customize the solution to truly fit your needs – and it need not cost the earth either!


The use of 087x and 084x numbers – New Guidelines from Ofcom

1st February 2015 – Important Ofcom 087x and 084x Update – Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers

We would like to inform you of some major changes which will be  introduced next year that will affect the way in which the 087x and 084x non-geographic numbers we supply to you will be charged. These changes are being introduced by Ofcom and are designed to improve customer understanding of the charges relating to the use of these numbers.

Research by Ofcom has found consumers are confused about how much it costs to call 087x and 084x services. In response, they have published proposals to simplify consumer pricing for non-geographic numbers and to introduce clear pricing guidance as to how call charges must be displayed on literature, advertising and web content.

For the first time, organisations using 087x and 084x numbers have a legal obligation to make clear the cost of calling those numbers on any advertising or promotional material (such as print or online material they produce). This information will need to take the form: “Calls will cost you X pence per minute (or per call) plus your phone company’s access charge“. This statement must be displayed in a prominent position and in close proximity to the 087x or 084x number concerned.

These changes will come into force from 1 July 2015 under the strapline ‘UK Calling’ and all major phone companies will be working with Ofcom to communicate the changes to consumers. A major consumer advertising campaign about the changes will be launched early in 2015.


4th February 2015 – We are working with our suppliers to provide you with the figures needed to comply with this and will update this page as soon as is possible – Please check back for updates.

SIP Network Services

We are delighted to announce the launch of our SIP network services products.

While we all know that SIP trunks are becoming more credible as ISDN replacements, many people think only about the cost savings. We are able to do so much more with your SIP lines including:

  • Have intelligent network routing on both inbound or outbound calls – menu options, time of day exceptions and even CLI blacklisting all in the cloud without tying up your ‘phone systems resources.
  • Allow applications to be built int he cloud for automated processes like accounts checking and credit queries.
  • Facilitate both inbound and outbound recording
  • Allow sophisticated D.R options such as fail-over to other sites and ISDN30 auto-backup.
  • Allow intelligent route selection over various carriers dependent on the type of call being made. this can lead to huge inter-site and international destinations.

Call us for detail on 08008 40 41 42 or e-mail support@continuityassured.co.uk

SIP Network Services from Continuity Assured – real ways to enhance call functionality and client perceptions while driving costs down.

Continuity Assured puts mobiles and landlines on the same bill

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to provide fulfill your entire comms requirement including mobiles and landlines on the same bill. We now have billing relationships with both 02 and Vodafone, with a full range of individual or shared tariffs.

The process is simple – we analyse your existing spend and find the right offering. Unlike the mobile providers we have custom tariffs so you can have a fully integrated package including:

  • Free calls between fixed line and mobile users
  • Free Land-line rentals with some mobile tariffs
  • Single point billing – with all call data searchable on our web portal.

Why do you need mobiles and landlines on the same bill? Simply, it’s about control and management information. With our billing platform you get the right information presented in an easy to understand format. You can then control costs and develop comms strategy from a position of strength. After all is there any reason that mobiles and landlines on the same bill hasn’t happened already? – We can’t think of a single good reason.

It’s simple to set up too – just call Leanne on 0800 021 0506


We are delighted to announce that our new support centre officially opens today, 12th June 2014.

We are delighted to announce that our new support centre officially opens today, 12th June 2014.

We have for many months used the Smartertrack portal for managing our tickets and this has worked well to enable fault resolution. We have for the last few months now been trying to achieve a human centred support process with all issues being logged by a real person 24/7.

All that our support clients will now need to do to to raise a support issue on any product is call our freephone 08008 40 41 42 number and select option 1 for support. The issue will then be tracked by a member of our team and proactively chased until resolved

You can still e-mail us using support@nbcnnetworks.co.uk, but try the real people – you may like it!

Call-Angels Number Manager – An update

Today sees the latest release of Call-Angels Number Manager. There are some significant changes, most notably is that Number Manager is now live on both Talk Talk and Vodafone. On top of this we also have some key new features available.

Area Based Routing

Area Based Routing gives your business more control over how calls are handled. There are a number of reasons businesses may use Area Based Routing including:
1) To route a caller to their local branch
2) To handle marketing campaigns limited to specific regions
3) To prioritize customers
4) To blacklist abusive callers
5) To blacklist unwanted sales calls

Area Based Routing works by routing calls based on the incoming number. Where the user withholds their number they will be asked to input their local area code to route their call to the correct answer point.

To black or whitelist numbers into groups you can upload the full CLI into the database to route. For example if my DDI is added 0161 444 3337, then if I call it would route to which ever group my DDI has been allocated to regardless of the routing for the 0161 area code.

Caller Exceptions

Caller Exceptions has been added to Advanced and Interactive services to allow your business to whitelist and blacklist callers. You will notice within the services there is now a Caller Exceptions section where you can add callers numbers and associate them to groups and treat those callers differently to the other callers coming into that service.

This allows business to have a “Gold customer” list and prioritise their calls. Or have a “blacklist” of abusive or spam callers to ensure that calls going into your offices are valid and improve efficiency in your offices.

Red & Black Numbers

As mentioned above Number Manager now works across both the Talk Talk Business and Vodafone Networks. You will notice that if you have any Vodafone numbers on Number Manager these will be highlighted in red to help you differentiate between the two networks. This move to replicate Number Manager means we can port numbers from most networks and give you a choice on which network you want to use . You will notice some of the features we launch maybe limited to one of the networks due to limitations on the other.

Maintenance & Release notifications

When you log into Number Manager you will notice there is a new banner along the top to keep you up to date with the latest new features and any planned maintenance work.